Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy CyRa!

Yesterday Cyra turned 4 years old! She decided that her party was going to be Tinker Bell/ Fancy Nancy. These are the invites we came up with for the party.
She is such a girly girl... notice in most of the pictures taken of her she is posing. Not once did we ever tell her to pose or how to stand. This is just the way she is... FANCY! :)

Maren getting her nails painted.
Abbie all dress-up

I thought this was such a cute picture of Ashley.
It is not possible to have a Fancy party without inviting Milo!Maren, Milo, Ashley, Cyra,Addy, Abbie, Reese

After the Fancy Party we had to go out to eat at La Vigna Ristorante Italiano (because that is FANCY!) Cyra was very impressed with the glass dishes and the granite tabletop.

After dinner we HAD to go to an Icecream Parlour to get a"Parfait" (to unfancy people that would be a sundae)

James thinks this picture looks like the kids are sitting at some bar :) I guess it IS a bar... just a different kind!After the "Parfait" we decided to walk around Thanksgiving Point to get some energy out and look at all the beautiful flowers.I think this picture looks like some book cover or something. Zane and Kaysha in the background make me think of some poor step children that are left out of the family. :) It was such a fun day! Now to clean-up the house :(


Michelle C. said...

What a fun party! My daughter, Annie, is having her 4th birthday party in 2 weeks, a Tinkerbell party. Where was the ice cream parlor? I'm always looking for a new place. Thanks!

Cyndi said...

I wouldnt expect anything else....My Son dressed up in full drag! well, he obviously had a ton of fun! he loves cyra, his long lost twin.

Baldwincrew-blog said...

Looks like fun Your kids are so cute I love seeing pictures of them. Have a great week.

Heather said...

Love that last shot of all the kids. That one should go on a wall somewhere. I'll have to comment on Cyra's fanciness next time I see her :)

benilhalk said...

I showed these to my daughter and she was so happy. She is insisting to be Tinker Bell for her birthday, which sadly is only going to happen next year. My sister will be celebrating her son’s first birthday at LA event venues soon. Maybe I’ll take her there dressed up as Tinker Bell.