Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Days of school…


IMG_0742 Jace started Pre-school…

IMG_0574 Cyra is in Kindergarten…

IMG_0470   IMG_0464 Zane is in 2nd grade and Kaysha is in 5th

(I love how you can tell who is the “baby” of the family, he happens to be in EVERY picture)

OF course there are NO first day of school pictures of Gage because he is in 8TH grade…

HaPpY bIrThDaY Zane!

Better late than never... Zane turned 8 last week. Here are pics from his party last saturday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zaney Brainey...

Let me first start by saying Zane has a totally different way of thinking. He is very creative and always thinks outside the box. So...yesterday Zane was counting his money, when he finished he informed me that he has 557 CENTS. I told him that he must not of counted it right(my brain doesn't think in Cents) but he quickly explained to me that he has 5 $1 bills and $1= 100 cents, then he also has .57 cents so when you add it all together it equals 557 CENTS.
Why did I even question the thinking of my 7 year old...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jace turns 3...Gage turns 13!!!

This is Jace waiting patiently for us to get all the kids together so he can open his gifts.


He loves these finger skateboards.


Spike The Dinosaur... We were so excited to get this for him.  Anytime you asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would tell you he wanted the dinosaur that talked, walked, roared... then he'd start acting it out for you. At night we'd tuck him in and his last words would be about the dinosaur and all the things he could do with it.  So the night before his birthday we went out and bought it.  We brought it home, put it together, got it all charged for the next day.  Instead of wrapping the dinosaur we decided to wrap just the controller to and let him find the dinosaur hiding in the front room.  So he opens the controller and is so excited because he KNOWS its the controller for the dinosaur.  He pushed the buttons and got it to walk out from next to the couch,that's when he decided this dinosaur is actually pretty SCARY up close! It didn't stop him from playing with it...he just wanted to play with it from a distance.  Anytime it started to get too close to him he would take off in the other direction.  This first picture is about as close as he liked to be to him.


We did finally get him to take a picture with Spike but we had to turn him OFF first.  I am happy to say 2 weeks later him and Spike are friends and he will now touch him even if he's ON. :)


For dinner that night Jace's choice of restaurant was...McDonalds (no surprise there).

   IMG_4884IMG_4888  IMG_4886 IMG_4892 IMG_4901

After dinner we went back to our house to have some Birthday Cake/Brownie.  He wanted his cake to be a dinosaur cake...this is what I came up with.  He was excited about it and STILL talks about his dinosaur cake.

IMG_4924 IMG_4935 

Sharing his cake with Spike.  For this picture we had to promise him that we wouldn't turn him on.


A few days later Jace and Gage got a package in the mail from there cousins. This is such a cute knee hockey set.  The kids have been having fun with this,


Gage got his favorite thing in the whole world... Money/ Gift Card!


On Sunday we had a combined party at our house for Jace and Gage with both sides of our families .

IMG_5004 IMG_5020 IMG_5029 IMG_5053

Here is Gage the morning of his birthday.


R/C helicopters.  Hours of non stop fun!




Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party...

Tonight we went to an awesome Halloween party. Halloween has kind of snuck up on us this year so we weren't really prepared with costumes, luckily the kids aren't too picky so we used some old costumes from the other years.

Kaysha decided she wanted to use my costume from last year and be "Sally" from Nightmare before Christmas.
Gage thought it would be fun to be a "Nerd". He put this costume together by himself. I think he did such a good job!
Zane couldn't really decide what he wanted to be (doesn't surprise me) and I didn't feel like going out to buy just anything at the store so he decided to be a "smartie pants". He might decide on something else by the time Halloween comes.
Jace fell in love with Zane's old "spider man" costume the second he saw it. Here he is bored waiting for everyone to finish getting ready.
Cyra found Kaysha's old "Pegasus" costume a couple of weeks ago and decided that was what she wanted to be... that is until we were at the store today and she saw all the other cool costumes...
This is the ONLY picture I got of her the whole evening. Oh well, hopefully I will do better on Halloween night.
Here is MY "Edward"...

I think this was the funniest costumes of the night. Here are the "Simpson's" a.k.a.The Lowrys. Take a look at Russ... Jace was scared of him most of the night.

M"Auggie" is going to kill his parents for this!
There was a pumpkin carving contest. Well, it's not really a contest when James is involved. Here he is trying to hurt himself.

1st Place pumpkin skull head

Gage taking after his dad...
Gages cannibal pumpkin
Zane carving his pumpkin...

Zane designed and cut this all by himself. I think James is going to have some competition in a few years.

Kayshas pumpkin
In order from left to right: Jacob, Bella, Edward. Yes...I WAS dressed up!
Jacob and Edward fighting it out over Bella...
He got over it when he set eyes on this beautiful girl. It was love at first sight...
(Beauty and the Beast)
Thanks for the fun party! Can't wait for next years.