Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Cyndi!

It was Cyndi's Birthday Friday. We had a nice relaxing party over at her place Sunday, after church. Cyndi with her FRUIT PIZZA "cake"
Tori and Jace playing ring around the rosy
Look at the flexibility on this kid!
Okay... the next few pictures are Jace and Cyndi making faces for the camera. Jace would copy whatever Cyndi would do.

This is when Cyra noticed the camera was out and decide SHE needed to get in on this action.


Cyndi said...

really? Of all the gazillion pictures you took, these are what you posted! It must have been real slim pickins'! I need a tan. yeah me!

Anne said...

I only had 170 pictures to choose from! I thought these ones were so cute... I'll find some GOOD ones for you :)

Janice said...

Happy Birthday Cyndi- That fruit pizza looks so yummy.

Heather said...

Cyndi must be your sister? She's beautiful like you.