Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cyras 1st sleepover

Over the weekend Cyra had her very best friend over for a sleepover. It was such a fun thing for her to get to do, she is already asking when she can do it again.

They were so cute, at 6:00 we were getting the bed ready and they were both begging to go to sleep. Here they are pretending to be sleeping.

After that they found some lipstick. The rest of the evening was spent getting ready for the "ball". They were in the bathroom putting the lipstick on for 30minutes straight.

Look at those beautiful lips!

You can't have a "ball" without a handsome prince... with lipstick on!

and of course, a sleepover is not a sleepover without some silliness going on.

Here they are just before I was about to turn out the lights. They were a little excited...

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Janice said...

How cute are they? Taylor loves to have sleep overs, not sure I just love having them here at my house but hey she loves it so we keep having them.