Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Magical Midget...

I went upstairs the other day to see that my room had been visited by the magical midget.

To explain this "magical midget"... One day, about a year ago, I got very frustrated with the kids becasue I felt like I was always picking up after them. They would take things out then leave them. Finally out of frustration I said" Who do you thinks going to clean this up... the magical midget!" Since then, any time things get cleaned up with out anyone seeing, the kids and James joke that it must of been the "magical midget" that cleaned it.

So on Saturday, to my surprise, the magical midget finally visited ME!
Not only did the magical midget visit me, she also visited everyone elses rooms.
This Maical midget is nicer then the usually one... she left treats for everyone! We love our little magical midget!


Cyndi said...

I have two midgets. And they are not magical. But I do think that your Magical Midget has visited our play room before!:)

Whitney said...

Can the MM come to my house to play?