Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School...

Today was Cyras first day of school! Last year at this time she had such a hard time going to school. Each time I had to bribe her with something and she would still cry, after a couple of weeks she finally got use to school and never cried again. It is so funny, to this day she still tells me how it was so silly that she use to cry at school. So this year we decided since she loved that school so much we would send her back to the same place. All summer long she would ask if it was a school day. She was so excited this morning to finally learn that TODAY was the day.

Cyra just LOVES clothes and shopping... so it was a hard decision this morning when she had to decide which outfit she wanted to wear today. She loves to wear dresses and skirts, but is very particular about what they look like. They can't be plain, they must be fancy... they need to flow when she swishes side to side. If I would just let her wear tutu's life would be so much easier for the two of us. :)

Jace and Cyra are so funny together... On their "good" days, he is really going to miss her while she is at school.
And thanks to Aunt Cyndi for all the fancy flowers for her hair... Not a day goes by where she doesn't want some type of flower for her hair.


Cyndi said...

was it that bad?.... not even any picture to post?

Anne said...

You weren't supopse to peak yet! they are up.

Whitney said...

You gotta love a girl who knows what she wants! She is so beautiful, what cute kids!