Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So to explain the Sept. kids thing (for Janice lol). When I got pregnant with Zane I became part of a online community message board. It was a place women due around the same time could go to to chat about pregnancy and life. This group has now been together for 7 years, we decided a few months ago to meet up in Chicago for the weekend to finally meet. Some of them had met before, but for me it was the first time meeting any of them! It was such an awesome experience and I can't wait for our next get together. It was so neat to finally hear their real voices-not just the made-up ones in my head. lol

This was taken Sunday morning before we all left to go back home. This is such a wonderful group and I already miss them so much!

This is what we did most of the time!...just hanging out talking and enjoying each others company

Here are 3 of the best babies in the whole world! They were so good the whole weekend.

Isn't she just a doll? anytime she had the camera on her she would stop and give the cutest looks.

When Cyra saw this picture of me she asked if it was when I was in Chicago. When I said yes, she got so excited and could not stop talking about how FANCY Chicago is...the curtains, the couch, the wall color. After that she insisted I show her the rest of the pictures. She now has decided that on HER next night out she would like to go to CHICAGO. (man she is going to be disappointed soon!)

I showed her this picture of the outside of the place we stayed (because I thought it was nice) and she said" That's not Fancy, that is just PLAIN" I guess I don't know my stuff.

Dinner at Tuscany Friday night. By the time we finished our dinner it was raining( well not just raining but also windy). We had walked to the resturant so by the time we got back to our place we were all soaked.

Waiting for seats at the cheesecake factory

The Hancock Observatory Building. You ride an elevator to the 94th floor, on a clear day you can see upto 80 miles and 4 states.

The view from the 94th floor. As you can see it wasn't the clearest day, but it was still awesome!

View of the city

guys playing buckets on the streets.


Janice said...

Oh my heck Anne, that is the coolest thing ever. I think it is great that you have stayed in touch and that you all have met now. I am super jealous, being as that I am miss social. ANy excuse for and vaction and I am there.

Oh ya, and I am so jealous of your hair, geesh... I can't seem to leave mine alone long enough to let it grow.

Mardi said...

Hey Anne! Loved checking out your blog and seeing how well you guys are doing. I thank and blame Cyndi for the stalking that I will be doing that might be a problem... you guys may need a restraining order :) Your trip to Chicago looks like it was a blast!

Michelle C. said...

You have a fun life and your family is adorable. I loved catching up, seeing your Mom. I love that we were all able to find each other. I will be a regular.